Prepare for your Bubbletastic party!

  • The party is a hands-on experience for children, but I do try to make sure there is very little mess. I provide all aprons, latex gloves, and a tablecloth. I’ll also bring all jugs, spoons, scissors, wrappings and everything else required for the party.
  • Please make sure the floor, table and work surfaces are clean and clear ready for the party. I will need a flat worktop/ area for the soap to cool.
  • I will also need to do washing up, during and after the party.
  • Sufficient space is needed for the guests – please think about how many children you can seat around the table for making the soap. If it’s nice weather we could do this outside on a patio table. If not, consider hiring a venue – see page on alternative venues.
  • I must have use of a microwave to melt the products. If you don’t/your venue doesn’t have access to a microwave I can bring one with me for an additional £5. Please indicate on the booking form if you need this.
  • It is your responsibility as party organiser to check on any allergies. A list of the ingredients used can be downloaded from the website for parents to check. Alternatively I can email them directly if you require.
  • Please let the other parents know that it’s their responsibility to notify you of any allergies. All the party bags will go home with a copy of the ingredients sheets in. This is for parents to check, prior to use of the products taken home. We have not met the children and cannot know what they may, or may not be allergic to.
  • Some of the ingredients contain nut products (for example palm oil, almond oil) and therefore unfortunately we cannot have any children participating who have any nut or severe skin allergies. You will be asked to confirm this, when booking the party.  Ask parents to confirm this by using our downloadable party invite.
  • Depending on the ages of the children I will require adult helpers/ supervisors. I can confirm this when making the booking. Younger children will need help mixing and measuring as they are not as dextrious.
  • Please keep pets out of the way during the party.
  • The party is at your house/ hired premises and therefore the behaviour and safety of the children remains your ultimate responsibility.
  • Please consider serving food during the party. Children need a snack and break, to help their concentration. Food and refreshments must be kept away from the soap ingredients. Many Mums do a carpet picnic in another room for the food, or outside if its nice weather.
  • The party needs to start promptly, at the agreed time. If children arrive more than 15 minutes late, they may not be able to make all the products.
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